Helix Mono Bug

We recently discovered a problem with a batch of Helixes.

It appears that the factory fitted a mono DAC chip when they should have fitted a stereo DAC chip.

That means those Helixes will only play mono through the 3.5mm jack. Stereo playback through the optical connector and through Sonos are both OK.

We need to change a PCB to fix this problem and we are in the process of contacting owners. But you can email us at thebrennanb2@gmail.com.

We know that many Helix owners use Helix with Sonos speakers or use the optical output so do not use the 3.5mm jack output. Those owners may opt for a £30 refund in lieu of the rework.

We are currently waiting for parts but we expect to start shipping reworked Helixes week commencing 26th February.

Because many Helix buyers do not want the 3.5mm line out we will sell mono Helix units at a discount while stocks last.