B3 Specifications

  • 2TB HDD model stores 4400 CDs as FLAC or 9000 CDs as MP3
  • 480G SSD model stores 1000 CDs as FLAC or 4500 CDs as MP3
  • Total 20W+20W RMS Merus MA12070 power amplifier
  • 4 million album database
  • Text Search for Track or Album by remote control, front panel or web browser
  • Segue - blends one track into the next
  • Internet Radio - 40,000+ stations from around the world. Organised geographically or search by name with the Web UI - ten presets
  • Play through Sonos loudspeakers.
  • Apps for Android and iPhone
  • Bluetooth In - play music from your mobile phone or tablet through B3 - nothing to do on B3 just connect on your phone/tablet and play.
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) facility - lets you see the Brennan hard disk contents on a computer.
  • Works with Spotify
  • 320x256 IPS TFT display
  • Compact 33 x 7.3 x 24cm
  • 2.5kg solid aluminium construction
  • Loads CDs to hard disk at up to 40x - play music while loading
  • Music compressed to FLAC or MP3 automatically
  • Two USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 480 Mbits / sec ports. can be used for
    • Wifi dongle
    • USB Ethernet dongle
    • Bluetooth dongle
    • USB Headphone DAC
    • USB Hub
    • USB Keyboard
    • USB hard disk
  • Rear connectors - loudspeakers, Rear USB, 24V DC
  • Front USB
  • Backup music and playlists to external USB hard disk for safe keeping
  • Built in Raspberry Pi processor module.
  • External laptop computer style 24V power supply / AC adaptor - included - works from 110V to 240V. Size  3cm x 6cm x 13cm. 3m overall lead length.
  • BSP50 Loudspeakers 22cm (H) x 14.5cm (W) x 18cm (D) - sold separately 

The B3+ model has additional optical (Toslink) and 3.5mm electrical outputs.


B3 is simple to connect

  • 24V DC - from the AC adaptor
  • Loudspeakers
  • Wifi dongle in rear USB