Loading BB1

There are four ways to load music

  1. USB
  2. Upload - Transfer from a computer
  3. Rip a CD
  4. Youtube

Loading Music from USB

  • Plug a USB memory stick or USB hard drive into the USB port in the back of the Brennan.
  • You will see the USB logo in the bottom left of the display to confirm.
  • Select the Browse USB item on the Main Menu (it does not appear until there is a USB memory plugged in).

The Browse USB screen shows all the files and folders at the current folder (or path) in the USB device.

  • Turn the knob to see all the files and folders.
  • Push the knob to enter a folder
  • Press back to go back up a level
  • Press Next to import the file or folder.

Press the knob to confirm and the Brennan will import all the music files.

  • Progress is displayed in the bottom left.
  • You can stop the import by pressing and holding the stop button.
  • If you repeat the import the Brennan will skip any previously loaded tracks.
  • The brennan will import music files with type wav, flac, mp3 or m4a.
  • The import function will assign tracks to albums and artists using the name of the parent folder and the folder above that.
  • If there is no parent folder the tracks will appear under Artist and Album “Unknown”.

You can also control music Import from the Web UI

Upload - Transfer From a Computer

  • The upload function allows you to load music files or a whole folder and all its subfolders on a computer - like an iTunes or Amazon MP3 folder.
  • It uses the web UI on a browser on the computer.
  • You don’t need to plug anything into the Brennan - the music is transferred over the local network (Wifi).
  • Upload is described here.

How to Rip A CD on BB1

  • You need a USB CD drive - usually its referred to as a USB DVD Drive but it will accept CDs.
  • You control the rip through the web UI - on a computer, phone or tablet on the same network.
  • Turn off the Brennan
  • Plug the USB drive into the USB socket.

  • Then turn on the Brennan
  • The display will show a CD icon in the bottom left.

  • Insert a CD and start the rip using the web UI as described here.
  • The icon will turn red and display progress while ripping

  • You can stop the rip by holding the stop button.
  • If you repeat the rip it will start again and overwrite any existing tracks.
  • Turn off the Brennan before removing the CD mechanism.
  • Some drives require more power than others so you may need batteries AND power from the AC adaptor to provide sufficient power.
  • If your drive requires even more power you will need a powered USB hub.
  • Music is ripped to WAV files. These are large and uncompressed and will use up the Brennan memory pretty quickly.
  • You can compress these files using Settings->Maintenance-Compress.
  • You cannot play music while compressing so you might want to do it overnight.
  • You can interrupt compression and resume.


Loading Music/Video from Youtube

  • You control Youtube using the Web UI on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.
  • The Youtube web UI is described in more detail here.
  • You can search for Youtube videos using text - like lyrics or a title - or by pasting a Youtube ID or Youtube link (URL).
  • The Brennan keeps a list of the last 100 videos you played.
  • In the Settings panel of the web UI there is a checkbox “Enable Youtube Cache”. When this is checked videos will be saved to memory as they are played so they can be played back later without a network connection.
  • Saved videos appear in the Videos section of the Menu and also appear in Search results in the Web UI. Saved videos can be added to playlists.