• Playlists are collections of music that can be played in order or randomly
  • Playlists are made up of a mix of Tracks, Albums and Artists.
  • You can create up to 60 playlists.
  • There is an overall limit of 100,000 items in all the playlists. But an item can be an artist, album or track so that could easily be more than 1 million tracks.
  • Combine Playlists - Append, Merge and even Subtract
  • Playlists are saved and loaded from USB with import and export.
You manage playlists with the Web UI or the mobile App. These images show the Web UI.

To Play a Playlist

  1. Pick a playlist with the dropdown menu in the Playlist tab
  2. Click on the play icon next to an item in the playlist

To Build a Playlist

  • Drag items from the search window into the playlist
  • Click on the three dots next to a Track, Album or Artist and pick Add to Playlist
  • Drag items within the playlist to re-order
  • Click on the three dots next to an item on the playlist to reorder or delete the item. (It will not delete the music just the item on the playlist).

Playlist Menu

The Playlist menu lets you Rename, Delete, Create and Combine Playlists and also assign a playlist to a preset.

NB There are seven permanent playlists named after colours of the rainbow. You can rename these but they cannot be deleted. If you delete they will reappear as empty playlists with the original colour.

There are three ways of combining playlists

  1. Append - the source playlist is tacked onto the end of the target playlist.
  2. Merge - like append but duplicates are removed.
  3. Subtract - anything in the target which appears in the source is removed.


If you create a playlist with the name "blacklist" then the music in that playlist will not play when you play all music at random.


B2 Owner David G. has created this pdf guide.