B3 Overview

The Brennan B3 is a CD Ripper, Hard disk Jukebox and Complete Audio system.


B3 rips CDs and stores them losslessly on SSD/HDD using FLAC.

There is an internal 20W+20W RMS power amplifier to drive external wired speakers.

B3 can also play through wireless Sonos speakers in different rooms - up to 32 speakers simultaneously.

If you have an existing sound system and want to play the B3 through it, please see the  B3+  which has a 3.5mm electrical audio output and a Toslink optical output.

Control from the front panel, app or browser.

Key Features

  • Play and Rip CDs at up to 40x
  • Internal 20+20 Watt RMS amplifier - use with our BSP50 speakers or attach your own speakers.
  • Internal HDD stores up to 4400 CDs losslessly or 9000 as MP3 - 2TB version.
  • Play through Sonos speakers in different rooms
  • Apps for Android and iPhone.
  • Web user interface - extra control with your phone, tablet or computer
  • Works with Spotify on your phone.
  • 40,000 Internet Radio stations
  • Bluetooth
  • Load music and backup with USB
  • Two USB 2.0 type A ports for peripherals - WiFi dongle, Bluetooth dongle, USB Hub, USB DAC, USB storage device.
  • Solid aluminium/steel construction.

Full specifications here


The Brennan can play to Sonos speakers (or groups of speakers) on the same local network.

The Brennan finds the Sonos speakers automatically and you pick the speaker (or zone) from the front panel, the app or web UI.

You can play different music to different speakers at the same time.


The Apps for iPhone and Android give you comprehensive control of any Brennan on the same Wifi network.

  • Browse and Search for music
  • Volume, Play/Pause, Next, Previous, Mute, Random
  • Pick Presets - radio stations or playlists
  • Pick Speaker - Wired or Sonos
  • Search and Explore Internet Radio stations
  • Play and manage Playlists
  • Play and Rip CDs. Find Album art.

The Web UI

The Brennan can be controlled from any web browser on the same wifi network. The browser can be on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. This is called the Web UI.

This shows the web UI on a desktop browser.

  • See whats playing, change volume, back, stop, next buttons.
  • Search the B3 with search results updated as you type.
  • Rename, delete, add album art
  • Click on an artist to see all the albums by that artists.
  • Click on an album to see all the tracks in that album.
  • Create, reorder, delete & combine playlists
  • Assign radio stations to Presets
  • Upload music from your computer
  • Rip CDs and manage album art.
  • Find and play internet radio stations - 40,000 stations .
  • Browse files on external USB devices

One Touch

Press Next when B3 is idle - and it plays all your music at random.

Internet Radio

The Brennan can play internet radio stations. There are more than 40,000 to choose from. Use the vTuner tab on the Web UI to explore. Assign favourites to Presets.


You can play music from Bluetooth devices like phones and tablets through your Brennan


Playlists can be made up of a mix of artists, albums and tracks and can be played in order or randomly.

Playlists are created and and edited with the App or Web UI.

You can use playlists to create collections belonging to different family members, different genres and moods or for special occasions.


Spotify Premium users can stream music to their Brennan from the Spotify App

B3 compared with B2

B3 shares almost all of its internal software with the B2. That means that B3 has almost all the same capabilities as B2 and most of the B2 documentation on our websites and know-how on the forum will apply to B3.

It also means that as new features are developed they will generally be available on B2 and B3.

These are the main differences between B2 and B3

 B2 B3
256x32 OLED display - monochrome 320x256 Colour TFT display
Slot load CD mechanism Desktop CD mechanism - 3-4 times faster
15+15W power amplifier 20+20W power amplifier
Line Out + Optical

B3+ has Line Out and Optical

(B3 480 and B3 2Tb can use an external USB DAC)

Line In No line input. Record from USB and streaming input using the VB1.
Youtube audio playback Youtube not supported
Bluetooth In and Out Bluetooth In and Out supported since 9th March 2023 software release.
Rear USB sockets Front and rear USB - more convenient for headphones and/or backup disks.
Remote Control Use App

Martin talks about the B3

I designed the JB7 and B2 to be as small as possible - I think I inherited that instinct from Clive Sinclair

Many of the JB7 and B2 design decisions followed naturally from the decision to be as small as possible.

But it meant there were compromises.

  • Slim slot load CD mechanisms are slower than full size CD mechanisms
  • I could not really find a way to fit a colour display. I needed a letter box shaped display but colour displays usually have a squarish TV shape.
  • I found when I photographed the B2 - it is so small it looked lost in a room setting or alongside other audio equipment.

So when I set out to design a replacement for B2 I said OK no compromises - use a fast desktop CD and beautiful IPS TFT colour display.

I like the front USB socket - there was no space for it on B2 and that was a shame. The fast ripping speed is bliss if you are as impatient as me.

I think B3 is likely to become a must have component for audiophiles.