B2 Menu Summary

Main Menu
Browse Artists Scroll through the artists then starts the Artist Menu
Browse Albums Scroll through the albums then starts the Album Menu
Search Finds all Artists, Albums and Tracks containing some text
Current Track Starts the Track Menu for the currently playing track
CD Functions Rip, Play and Pick Track - starts the CD Menu
Settings Starts the Settings Menu
Playlist Menu Starts the Playlist Menu
Internet Radio Start Playing one of ten preset internet radio stations - use Web UI to set presets
Find Station Text Search for UK stations - use Web UI for access to 40,000 vTuner stations
Play Aux Play from Line In - when playing turntable/cassette etc. Will cause B2 to restart.
Play Bluetooth Play music from Bluetooth
USB Functions Starts the USB Menu
Standby Puts the B2 into Standby mode - use when powering off.

Artist Menu
Pick Album Picks an Album from the selected Artist then starts the Album Menu
Delete Artist Deletes the selected Artist - you will be asked to confirm. Warning this can delete many albums i.e. all the albums by that artist
Rename Artist Renames the selected artist - this affects all albums owned by that artist.

Album Menu
Pick Track Picks a track from the selected album then starts the Track Menu
Play Album Plays the selected album from the first track - this function turns off random play.
Add to Playlist Adds the selected album to the end of a Playlist. You choose the playlist in the next step.
Delete Album Deletes the selected album - you will be asked to confirm.
Rename Album Rename the selected album
Rename Artist Rename the artist for the selected album. NB this only affects this album. If the artist has other albums they are unchanged. Use the artist menu to rename an artist globally.
Goto Artist Start the Artist menu for the Artist whose album this is.
ReTag Album Experimental function to Retag FLAC files for this album - backup first.

Track Menu
Goto Album Start the Album menu for the parent Album
Goto Artist Start the Artist Menu for the parent Artist
Play Track Play the selected track
Add to Playlist Adds the selected track to the end of a playlist. You choose the playlist at the next step
Delete Track Delete the selected track - you will be asked to confirm.
Rename Track Rename the selected track.

CD Functions
Rip CD Copies the CD to hard disk - usually you dont need this you just insert the CD, pick a name and Rip. You might use this if you listened to a bit first. You need to use Pick Name or Offline Lookup first to get track names.
Play CD Play CD from the start.
Pick Track Play CD from selected track 
Pick Name Select album and track names from online database
Offline Lookup Select album and track names from offline database

Playlist Menu
Playlist Off Turns off Playlist playback. Doesn't stop the music but the next track will be from the entire music collection. 
Play Playlist Choose and then play a playlist.
Clear Playlist Delete the selected playlist. NB The first seven playlists red to violet are not deleted just emptied.
Save Playlists Saves the playlists to USB C - doesn't save the music just the names of what's on the playlists - text files you could edit if you wanted to.
Load Playlists Loads the playlists files from USB C - names only - not the actual music. This function will look first for folder /playlists (as created by Save Playlists) then if that does not exist it will look for /b2Export/playlists (as created by Export to C)
Export Playlist This function writes all the music in a playlist to the drive in USB C. It can take a long time if the playlist is big. Originally intended for transferring smallish collections that you can listen to in the car for example. 

USB Menu
Backup to C This function creates a backup that is compatible with the JB7 - if you don't need JB7 compatibility use Export to C. Does a backup of the entire music collection to the drive in USB C. This function does an incremental backup. NB if you rename - then music will appear to be new so you should do a fresh backup (delete the old one and start again).
Restore USB C Restores music from a JB7 style backup in USB C - use in conjunction with Backup to C.
Import USB C Load music from a drive in USB C. Ideally the music will be organised as artist->album->track. (Used by iTunes for example)
Playlist to C Saves the specified playlist to drive in USB C - names only, no music.
Playlist from C Loads the specified playlist from the drive in USB C
Load Database Loads the offline CD database (mydb) from the drive in USB C - you can get this file from a link on www.brennan.co.uk - but its big more than 1Gb
Export to C This is the recommended backup if you don't need JB7 compatibility. Does a backup of the entire music collection to the drive in USB C and is incremental for subsequent uses of Export to C. The music is organised artist->album->track. Use in conjunction with Import USB C.

Settings Menu
Setup Wifi Scan the available networks. Pick one and enter password - only do this once.
QR Code Display QR for phone or tablet. You will need a QR app. Will open up Web UI.
Compression Select FLAC, MP3-128k, MP3-256k or none (WAV). FLAC is default.
Compress Now Puts the B2 into Compression mode - good way to check if there are any files to be compressed and saves having to wait 5 minutes for the B2 to go into Standby.
Random Play Turn on/off shuffle.
Segue Turn on/off. Turn off if you want gaps between tracks or for consecutive tracks to play as from CD. Turn on if you want to fade from track to track.
Classical Mode Turn on to stop at end of album. Turns off random.
Guest Mode Turns Guest Mode On/Off - Guest mode makes B2 "read only"
Scan Bluetooth Scan for Bluetooth speakers. You usually need to press and hold a button on the speakers first. Setting up Bluetooth can be done on the Web UI.
Bluetooth Out Send audio to a previously paired Bluetooth speaker. Buetooth can be managed (more easily) with the Web UI
Jack Sense Selects whether the loudspeakers are muted by inserting a plug into line in. You might need this if you want to drive the loudspeakers at the same time as an external amplifier. 
Sorting Turn on/off alphabetic sorting
Brightness Adjust the OLED brightness
Scan Disk Rebuilds an index of the music on the hard disk. Useful if B2 was turned off while busy. Turn off and on then do this first if you have any problems.
Web Upgrade Get the latest software from www.brennan.co.uk. You can find the date of your current software by pressing the info button on the remote.
Radio Update Update the UK internet radio stations used by Find Station above - not needed for 40,000 vTuner stations on Web UI
Maintenance Starts the maintenance menu.
Set Timezone Adjust the timezone relative to GMT - this function only adjusts whole hours. If you need to adjust minutes use Zone Minutes in the Maintenance Menu.
Get Recordings Transfer recordings from SD card to hard disk. Recordings from Aux In go to the SD card because of a hardware limitation. Use this function to transfer them to the hard disk. Will overwrite previous recordings so rename previous recordings if needed.

Maintenance Menu
Reboot Like turning off and on
Delete Music Delete all the music on the hard disk. You will be asked to confirm as it is irreversible!
Retry WiFi Reconnect the WiFi - useful if you turn the router off and on and the B2 doesn't connect automatically
Switch WiFi Connect to another - previously used - WiFi network. Useful if you are moving the B2 to different networks routinely.
Hidden WiFi Special setup for WiFi networks that don't broadcast their SSID.
Format USB A Formats USB drive in USB  A - uses FAT32 - useful to convert a NTFS disk for use with B2 - WARNING deletes everything on the external device.
Format USB C As above but USB C
Delete Backup Delete Brennan backup on drive in USB C. If you make a lot of changes to track names etc you should do a fresh backup rather than incremental backups. This is a convenient way to delete the old backup.
Reset Wifi Resets Wifi to factory settings
Use SD Tells B2 to use the SD card for music storage
Use HDD Tells B2 to use the hard disk for music storage.
SW Upgrade Upgrade the software from a USB stick in USB C. You need to get a file called b2.tar.gz from www.brennan.co.uk latest software. You only need this if you don't have an internet connection.
L-R Swap Controls Left and Right swap when jack inserted. You might need this if using optical.
VU Meter Enables the VU meter.
Zone Minutes Adjust the timezone offet from GMT in minutes.
Copy SD Music Copy the music on the SD Card to an SD Card in a card reader in USB C.
Free Space Scans the hard disk to calibrate B2s remaining space - can take up to ten minutes - check INFO for updated space result.
b2db to USB C Copies music index to drive in USB C
load b2db Copies music index from drive in USB C
List Albums Writes list of albums to drive in USB C. File name B2AlbumList.txt
Repair HDD Disk repair function. Can be used to fix persistent HDD Read Only but the recommended solution is to backup and reformat. WARNING Does not work on 2TB drive. May delete a lot of music.
Start NAS Enable B2 Network Storage - you need this to use B2 with Sonos.
Stop NAS Disable B2 Network Storage
Remove Paired Delete a Bluetooth pairing - use Web UI instead
Tag Music Experimental - adds tags to MP3, rewrites FLAC tags - slow Backup First.
Reset Bluetooth Clears the Bluetooth subsystem
Cleanup Removes empty albums, hidden files and any files beginning with '._' (dot underscore). Run Settings->Scan Disk after.
Check Internet Tests if the B2 can see www.google.com.
WiFi Strength Displays WiFi signal strength.
Delete Cache Deletes all cached Youtubes.
Screensaver Screensaver settings for when B2 is in standby mode - 0 = screensaver off, 1-15 = display brightness - 1 = dim, 15 = bright, 16 = display off.
Advanced Menu Starts the advanced menu - seldom used functions - most owners won't need these..

Advanced Menu
Demo Used for photographing the B2
Format HDD Reformats the internal hard disk - everything deleted - you will be asked to confirm. More thorough than delete music - [NB NAS must be stopped first]
Wifi Log Runs a test on Wifi and saves results to memory stick in USB C
SD to USB C Duplicate the B2 operating system to an SD card in card reader in USB C.
Get EQ Load the graphic equaliser. The EQ is accessed by clicking the double note symbol, below the 'Now Playing' panel, on the web UI.
Get DLNA Loads the experimental DLNA software.
Get RootFS Download OS - for creating your own SD card.
RootFS to C Copy the downloaded operating system above to SD card in card reader in USB C
Core to USB Copies core dump to drive in USB C
Logs to USB Copies log file to drive in USB C
Logging Turns logging on/off
User Partition 2 Tells B2 to use Partition 2 on USB. Some USB devices may use the second partition.
TV UI Experimental - enables TV UI
Prefill Experimental internet radio buffering - enable this if a particular station or router has gaps.
Reset CD Resets the CD
WiFi Watchdog Use with some WiFi extender/repeaters to improve connection reliability.