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How to change the Micro SD card

Since Spring 2017 B2s have an micro SD card that is not accessible without opening the box. If you want to change the SD card to increase storage for instance. Uncrew the two screws at the back marked with chevrons.

Then pull the rear panel and attached assembly out slowly about 3cm or 1.5 inches.

You may need to prise the panel out with a screwdriver - thats normal. Take care not to damage the metalwork.

I wrapped tape around the screwdriver to protect the metal.

You can just see the micro SD card and it will pop out when pressed.

Reverse the steps to assemble - again its common for the rear panel to "snap" back into place.


Ehernet can give you a more reliable faster network connection. Flat Ethernet cable is less of a squeeze. Open the B2 as above and then arrange the cable like this.

If you need to remove the ethernet cable - you will need a bit of dexterity with a small flat screwdriver to lever up the Ethernet retaining clip. Don't force it. Don't rush. It will come out.

New SD Card

You can create our own SD card if you have a PC or Mac.
Install a copy of Etcher
Then download the image file from here
Plug your target SD card into your PC (you can use a USB SD card adaptor)
Then fire up Etcher and point it at the image file you downloaded. Select the SD card and click on Flash.
Once installed in the B2 you will probably want to do a Web Upgrade to get the latest code.
Any SD above 8G will be OK. Class 10 will boot faster but otherwise not important.

Upgrade HDD.

You cannot upgrade an SD B2. If you had a 500G B2 say then no problem about opening it up and swapping a bigger drive. You need to do Settings->Maintenance->Format HDD after if its not FAT32.

Change Hard Disk Drive

B2 owner Brad in Ontario has written these very clear instructions how to install a bigger hard disk.

Replacing the B2's OLED display

Click on the link for instructions on changing the B2's OLED display Replace the OLED display. Parts are available from our online shop.



Web API?

There isn't documentation on the API - what I would suggest is take a look at /var/www/index.html on the raspberry pi. That contains all the Javascript that talks to the the B2. Its not beautiful but not very complicated either. If you want you don't even have to login to the Pi - just use the Developer Tools on the Chrome Browser and you can see the code. If you do what the Javascript does (http GET requests for the most part) then you can control the B2.

What Editor to edit Playlists?

I use Notepad++ for all my work - can't say I've actually imported a playlist back into B2 though. Martin

Can I add DLNA?

You can install DLNA. See the Latest Software tab on the left and see post 19th March 2019

Batch Delete MP3s?

You could do it as a Linux user. You need to login to B2 using SSH user root password brennan. You will find the music files at /media/hdd1/music. Delete what you don't want then run Settings->Scan Disk from the front panel to let B2 know what you have done.

If the above is gobbledygook then you probably should not attempt this.

Backup Using NAS?

Yes you can use your Windows software to backup the B2 - as I say elsewhere the B2 appears like any other folder to the PC. Check the forum - this comes up on the forum.