Voice Control

We have just published an Android App that lets you play playlists, artists, videos, radio stations by voice. It works on B2 and BB1.

Speak to B provides voice control for Brennan audio players.

- It will automatically locate your Brennan device on your local WiFi network
- Once connected it will show the current status of your Brennan for example Now Playing
- Voice control
Tap the microphone icon and talk after the bleep
Example speech commands: play , play track , next
You can edit the text voice command by tapping on it. Press the tick to action
- Provides on screen controls for volume and play/pause
- Works with both Brennan B2 and BB1
- Also has handy links to access the Brennan website, Support Forum and start the full Web UI
- Works with multiple Brennans
- Support for landscape and portrait, phone and tablet

This app is intended as fun way to control your Brennan audio player. For the full set of controls for your Brennan you should use the Brennan App which provides access to the full Web UI.