Headphones and DACs

Headphones and USB DAC

You can use the bb1 USB port to drive headphones or your amplifier by using a USB DAC.

These range in price from around £5 for a generic dongles - through tens of pounds for higher quality dedicated headphone amps. (Through to thousands of pounds for high end DACs).

You should attach your USB DAC with the bb1 turned off.

  • Get the latest software and drivers - only do this once.
  1. Use Settings->Web Upgrade to get the latest software - if you haven’t already done so. You may need to turn off and on manually the first time.
  2. In Settings->Maintenance look for an entry about the DAC Driver - select that and turn off and on manually
  • When bb1 restarts - In the main menu you will see an entry to turn headphones on/off. This is only shown if a DAC is plugged in

Here are links to a few DACs we have tested recently. 

Vention £9.99
Fiio E10K  £61.90
Sabrent £6.45

Here is a link to an Ethernet adaptor that works with bb1

Ugreen USB Ethernet adaptor £9.99

Here are some CD mechanisms that work

Duronic £9.99 bit slow but works without extra power.
Rioddas £16.99 about twice as fast - but needs a powered hub like this.


These USB devices do NOT work with bb1 (at the moment)

TechRise USB DAC
Cable Matters Ethernet Adaptor