Helix v B3

These tables will allow you to quickly compare features and capacities.

Perhaps the biggest difference between Helix and B3 is that Helix rips CDs as you listen to them. So the process is more leisurely than the industrial 40X rip speed offered by B3.

Helix B3
Power Amp No 20+20W
Rip Speed 1x 40x
Hard Disk No - use SD Yes
Display 320x170 1.7" 320x240 2.8"
Compression None (WAV) WAV, FLAC, MP3
Wired playback CD, WAV CD, WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC
Sonos playback CD, WAV, MP3 CD, WAV, FLAC. MP3, AAC
Optical Output Yes B3+
Electrical Audio Output Yes B3+
Apps & Web UI Yes Yes
Segue No Yes
Search No Yes
Playlists No Yes
Bluetooth No Yes
Internet Radio No Yes
USB ports No Yes
Backup No Yes
Spotify Connect No Yes

The storage capacity in albums depends on the size of the SD card you insert into Helix. Albums vary but these numbers will give you a good idea.

Helix + 64G SD card 90 - -
480G B3 680 1000 4500
2TB B3 or B3+ 2800 4400 9000