Main Menu


Starts the Browse Artists Menu
Albums Starts the Browse Albums Menu
Videos Starts the Browse Videos Menu
Presets & Playlists Starts Presets Menu
Browse USB This only appears if there is a USB memory device (USB stick or hard disk) plugged in. Starts the USB Menu
Settings Starts the Settings Menu


Browse Artists
  • The Browse Artists Menu lets you scroll through all the artists.
  • Press Play to play music by the selected artist
  • Push the knob to see albums by that artist
  • Back takes you back to the main menu.
  • Artists on an external USB device are shown in light blue
  • Youtube artists are not listed here.


Browse Albums
  • The Browse Albums Menu lets you scroll through all the Albums
  • Press Play to play a selected album
  • Push the knob to see the tracks in that album
  • Back takes you to the main menu
  • Albums on USB are shown in light blue



Browse Videos
  • The Browse Videos lets you scroll through all the Videos
  • Press play or push the knob to play the selected video
  • Back takes you to the main menu.

Pick Preset
  • The Presets menu lets you scroll through the presets
  • Presets can be internet radio stations or playlists of music and videos
  • The Brennan has 20 presets.
  • The first three presets are assigned to buttons 1, 2 and 3
  • You can assign radio stations and playlists to the presets using the presets panel in the web UI.


Browse USB
  • The Browse USB menu lets you see the contents of an attached USB memory stick or USB drive and import folders or individual tracks.
  • This menu is not available unless there is a USB device plugged in.
  • File and folders have different icons.
  • Push the knob to open a folder and see whats inside.
  • Press Next to import a folder or file.
  • Press back to go back up the hierarchy then exit the menu.
  • The bottom line alternately shows the current Path and hints


Setup Wifi Use this to select a Wifi network and enter the password for that network
Hotspot On Turns on the Brennan hotspot - that means you can connect to the Brennan when there is no Wifi.
The SSID of the hotspot is Brennan BB1. The Password is theBrennan.
If the Hotspot is already on this will say Hotspot off.
Set Timezone Sets the hours on the clock to your timezone.
Stats Displays useful information like how much music you have, memory used and software version
Maintenance Starts the Maintenance Menu

Select Bluetooth Selects the Bluetooth input. Not usually necessary but you might use this if you interrupted Bluetooth to play some local music and wanted to switch back.
Delete Youtube Cache Removes all the stored Youtube videos.
Delete All Music Removes all Music
Scan Disk Rebuild the music index. Not usually necessary. Doesn't do any harm.
Compress Now Start compressing WAVs to MP3 - uses 256k bit. 
Image Demo Displays all the album art rapidly
Web Upgrade Gets latest software from the web.
USB Upgrade Gets the latest software from USB memory - you need a file called bTubeV8.tar.gz
Reset Bluetooth Clears all pairings and history.
Exit  Do not use - software development only
Factory Menu Do not use - Factory use only