You can record from VB1 on a Brennan B2, BB1 or B3. (You should upgrade B2, BB1 or B3 with a web upgrade so you have the latest software).

  • Pick the Brennan B2, BB1 or B3 in the VB1 zone panel (App or Web UI)
  • Start playing by pressing the button on top of VB1 (or App or Web UI)
  • Open the original web UI using the IP address for the B2, BB1 or B3 in a browser
  • Click on the “Rec” button to open the recording control panel
  • Click on the button to start and stop recordings

You can see where the artist, album and name of the recording as it records. You can rename these later.

The Brennan B2/B3/BB1 buffers a certain amount of music from VB1 before playing it. The buffer means it can continue playing if there are short interruptions in your Wifi. The buffer creates a delay or latency between your music source and what comes out of the speakers.

You can adjust the Buffer length in the App (its at the bottom - you may have to slide up) or in the Web UI. The number is measured in milliseconds and our testers found that 4000 gave reliable results.

Because of the latency use the sound coming from the speakers to decide when to start and stop the recording - thats what will be recorded.