• The Brennan can play through Sonos loudspeakers like traditional wired loudspeakers.
  • The Brennan automatically finds any Sonos speakers on the same network.
  • You pick the speaker or zone from the front panel, the app or the Web UI
  • You can play different music in different rooms at the same time.
  • The Brennan can even play CDs to Sonos - its the only CD player that can do this.

 Its pretty straightforward but you may find these notes helpful

  • The Sonos speakers must have been previously installed using the Sonos app and connected to the same network as the Brennan
  • If you add or remove Sonos speakers or change the zones - use the reset button in the Settings panel of the Web UI or App
  • Sonos speakers broadcast themselves from time to time but the Scan button in the Settings panel of the web UI or App will find them sooner.
  • You can only play the CD to one set of speakers at a time
  • DLNA must be turned off. Settings->Maintenance->DLNA Off
  • The brennan will not play Youtubes through Sonos
  • There is no way to see or edit the queue of music
  • There is a 1000 track limit on playlists and artists