• Six Watts RMS
  • 40x100x180mm, 500g (without batteries)
  • 2.8" IPS TFT - great contrast and viewing angle
  • Batteries - four AAs can be rechargeable - doesn’t charge them
  • Power in - type C connector - AC adaptor supplied with short 600mm lead - replace with longer lead to suit.
  • USB Port for USB memory, CD, Ethernet, Keyboard, Hub...
  • Internal loudspeakers - two 40mm drivers and passive radiator - mono
  • 7 to 9 hours battery life.
  • Wood, Aluminium, Fabric and Plastic construction.
  • 10,000 MP3 tracks or 2,000 videos (or a mix) on 32G model
  • 5,000 MP3 tracks or 1,000 videos (or a mix) on the 16G model
  • Works as a Bluetooth Speaker
  • Internet radio with 40,000 stations
  • Web UI - control from laptop, phone or tablet
  • Youtube* - search, play and download videos
  • Support for external USB headphone DAC - works with £5 generic DACs all the way up to audiophile FiiO DACs. Use this for headphones or audio out.

BB1 Capacity

The number of tracks that a bb1 can hold depends on the amount of memory but also on the kind of compression - mp3, flac, aac or wav (no compression). For mp3 (and aac) it also depends on something called the bitrate. Track lengths vary so manufacturers often assume a three minute average for sake of comparisons. 

BB1 Capacity in tracks
  128k MP3 256k MP3 FLAC WAV
16G 5,000 2,500 833 500
32G 10,000 5,000 1,666 1000

*Youtube Footnote

The Youtube related functions depend on the Youtube website continuing to operate as it does today.