User Guide


  • The Brennan works from batteries or external power.
  • Insert batteries and/or connect AC adaptor to power input then plug the AC adaptor into mains.
  • Press the power button to start.
  • To turn off press the power button once and again to confirm.
  • You can hold the power button to force a reset if necessary.


The USB connector is for USB devices like USB memory sticks and hard disks, USB keyboards, USB hubs, USB Ethernet adaptors and USB CD/DVD drives. (Some drives may need a powered hub to supply enough current).

The Controls

Power Power on/off
1,2,3 Preset buttons - you can assign an internet radio station or playlist to these buttons. The brennan will play that station or playlist when you press the button. A playlist is a list of music tracks and/or videos.
Back This button plays the previous track when playing music. It is used to go back when using the menu and to delete the last character when entering text. Holding this button can be used to exit the menu system.
Play Start or stop playing music or video.
Next Plays the next track or video when playing. This button is used in some menus to progress to the next step. If you press next when the brennan is idle it will play all your music at random.
Knob The knob adjusts the volume and you can push it to get into the menus and select items


The Menu System

The brennan has a menu system to let you find and play music and videos. The menu is also used for things like setting up Wifi and loading music from USB.

Get into the menu by pushing the volume knob. Turn to select an item. Push again to choose that item.

Explore the menu system to see how it works. Remember the back button will take you back and holding the back button will exit the menu system.

The Web UI

The Brennan can be controlled from a web browser on the same wifi network. The browser can be on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. This is called the Web UI.

You don’t need the web UI for basic playing - but you will need it for several functions like finding radio stations, setting presets, creating Playlists, ripping CDs - you can think of the web UI as a super remote control.

To start the web UI type the IP Address into the Address bar of the browser.

Setting Up a Radio Preset

There are two ways to find an internet radio station on the Web UI - Search by name and
Browse geographically.

Find the vTuner (or internet radio) tab on the Web UI
Type part of the name into the Search panel then click on the search icon.
Or click on a region and drill down until you find a station - back takes you back up.
Station names have a play icon on the left and a menu icon (three dots) on the right
Check its the station you want by playing it then click on the menu icon to assign that station to a preset.
Presets 1 to 3 correspond to the buttons. Higher presets can be played from the menu.

Find and Play a Youtube

Find the Youtube tab on the Web UI.
Type part of a name into the search panel and click on the search icon
The brennan will display matching videos in the web UI
Click on a video to play it.
The brennan will save the video to memory as it plays. You can find saved videos using the search panel on the web UI.

Loading Music from USB from the front Panel
Insert USB memory or USB hard disk into USB port
Select Browse USB on the main menu
Navigate to the folder or file you want to load and press Next
You can abort loading by holding the play stop button.
NB It is also possible to load from USB using the Web UI.


The Brennan will play music sent from your mobile phone via Bluetooth
The connection and playback is controlled from the phone. Phone’s vary but the sequence is typically like this.

Open the Bluetooth dialog on the phone and enable Bluetooth
Search for Brennan bb1 in available devices
Pair and connect to the Brennan
Play music on your phone
You can reset the Brennan Bluetooth with Settings->Maintenance->Reset Bluetooth.

Software Update

Once your Brennan is attached to Wifi you can upgrade to the latest software with Settings->Maintenance->Web Upgrade. The website will give details of any bug fixes or new features in the latest software.