Connecting EZB to your Wifi

Before EZB can talk to your Sonos speakers it must be attached to the same Wifi network as your speakers. You need to tell EZB which Wifi network to use and what the password is.

To do that EZB creates a temporary Wifi network (or hotspot) and you use a mobile phone to talk to EZB using the hotspot.

The blue activity led flashes quickly (about twice a second) when the hotspot is enabled. If the hotspot is not enabled hold the back button for two seconds and release.

You can setup the Wifi network using the mobile phone directly or using the Brennan App.

Setting up is a bit of a chore but you only have to do it once. After that you won't need the mobile phone or app again.

If you ever want to reset EZB back to factory conditions hold the next button for two seconds.


Setting up Wifi using a mobile phone directly


These steps show an Android phone. The same approach works with an iPhone though the details may be slightly different.

  • Tap Settings -> Connections -> Wifi
  • Look for BrennanVB in Available Networks and select it.
  • Enter "brennanvb" when prompted for the password
  • Your phone should now be connected to the Brennan VB1 hotspot.
  • Open a browser (typically Chrome) and type in the address
  • This will display the Brennan EZB web UI

  • Open the Current Network panel - by tapping the triangle
  • Select your Wifi network in the upper white box
  • Tap Wifi Scan if you don't see your network
  • Enter the Wifi password in the lower white box then tap send.
  • At this point some Android phones will drop the connection to EZB and switch back to your home Wifi. So use Settings on the phone now and reselect BrennanVB if necessary.
  • The Brennan EZB will then attach to your Wifi network and it will display the IP address at the top. Record this IP address - you will need it.
  • The Brennan will now be able to see Sonos speakers and Brennan music players on the same Wifi network.
  • Switch the phone back to your original Wifi network using Settings -> Connections -> Wifi
  • Open a browser and type the IP address from above. You will see the same Web UI. But this time using your Wifi network. You should see any Sonos speakers and Brennan music players in the Current Zone panel.

Using the Brennan App to connect EZB to Wifi

Search for "Brennan" in the Apple or Google app store.

Click on the Hifi icon near the top right of the main app.

Then click the "Setup using Brennan AP" button on the Welcome to Brennan screen. (These images are from the iPhone version of the app)

Clicking the start button. Then click the Join button to give permission for the phone to connect to the Brennan EZB.

You will then need to select your Wifi network in the top box and type the Wifi password in the second box.

The app will then tell EZB and both the phone and Brennan EZB will switch over to the Wifi network you gave it.

If you are having problems with the app on Android check that you have not disabled Location Services (go to Settings->Location on the phone).

App limitations

At the time of writing the app shows a number of panels that are only applicable to the Brennan VB1.

You can use the app to select the Sonos speaker (or Zone), adjust the hibernate timeout and update the software.

You should ignore the panels labelled Gain, Channels and Sample Rate - these are for the Brennan VB1.

The Brennan App does not support the experimental Radio Presets feature - use the Web UI for that - type the IP address of the EZB into a web browser. You can find the IP address from the App by tapping the Hifi Icon.