Latest Software

This page describes bug fixes and new features as they are released.

You can find details on pre 2023 releases for the B2 and BB1 on the old website here

If you want to do a USB upgrade you can find current B2 software here.  And the B2B software here and BB1 here

14th May 2024

This release for B3 fixes a problem with Select Output modes introduced in the last release and initialises the initial volume (at power on) of the DAC in this mode

7th May 2024

This release is for BB1, B2B and B3.

  • Fix Youtube functions after their recent update
  • Delete duplicate albums when artist is renamed
  • Increase buffer to cope with 100 CD collections
  • Add queue function to v3/v3m and mobile web UI
  • Add recording panel to v3 and v3m web UI

14th February 2024

This release is for B2 to allow it to work with EZB buttons.

2nd November 2023

This is an experimental B3 release for usb upgrade. File here

  1. You can now play to both USB DAC and the speakers at the same time. There is a "Select Output" item in the main menu if you have a DAC attached. NB if you transition from or to the "both" setting the program will briefly restart - so music playback will stop.
  2. There is a crude tone control (taken from early B2s) added to the settings panel in the original web UI. If you return bass and treble to the middle the tone control will be switched off.

4th August 2023

This release for B3 adds recording control to the mobile.html web UI and fixes some minor bugs.

  1. Problem adding to queue after queue has finished playing
  2. Protect SD card better during Wifi setup
  3. Fix display of some long internet radio station names.

28th June 2023

BBC HLS streams now available via vTuner (as well as Radiofeeds) on the B3, B2B and BB1.

Fixed the partial import - press button 1 - issue on the BB1.

26th June 2023

This release for B2B fixes the Radiofeeds HLS stations that were broken in Friday's release.

22nd June 2023

I'm pleased to say that vTuner have added support for the new BBC streaming mechanism (known as HLS). This necessitated a bit of a rewrite in the Brennan code. I have today released new code for B2B. Please let us know of any difficulties. I aim to release code for BB1 and B3 next week.

You will need to update any BBC presets using the vTuner panel in the Web UI or App to take advantage of the new channels.

16th June 2023

This release for VB1, B2B and B3 fixes a problem with the new Sonos Era speakers. (We have only tested Era 100.)

9th March 2023

This release is for B2B and B3.

B2 gets a few minor tweaks to the Queue function. B3 gets the Queue function and now has Bluetooth Out.

There isn't any documentation for Bluetooth Out yet but you should be able to work it out. You can drive it from the front panel or the original web UI (Cog then Bluetooth).

23rd February 2023

This is an experimental release for B2B. It adds the facility to queue a track, album or artist (as opposed to play it immediately). You will find it on the original web UI. Click the three dots to the right of tracks [albums or artists].

The queue mechanism leverages the playlist functionality so you will see it creates a temporary playlist called Queue. This is the most requested function on the forum so let me know what you think and let me know of any side effects.

You can find the file here.

Transfer the file to a USB stick. Plug int USB C on your B2 and then use

Settings -> Maintenance -> SW Upgrade

11th February 2023

This release is for B2B, BB1 and B3

  1. Radiofeeds stations now play through Sonos and show the Radiofeeds icon
  2. Corrected missing file on B3 yesterday - so new recording facility did not show

10th February 2023

This release is for B2B, BB1 and B3

  • New Recording facility on the original web UI - better control over record from internet radio. And now it also records from Bluetooth as well as the forthcoming Brennan ADC.
  • Slight tweak to Musicbrainz lookup [all media]
  • Ongoing work on Radiofeeds playback


30th January 2023

BB1 and B3 now have access to the Radiofeeds station list.

You must first dowlnload the listing using Settings & Tools > Maintenance > Advanced > Install Radiofeeds

Then you can search for stations using Search Radiofeeds in the main menu.

The web UI presets window now has a plus sign against each preset. Click this when a radio station is playing to assign that station to the preset.

B2 and B2B have both been updated to include the new Radiofeeds list and the change to the web UI presets panel. After upgrading the software you should load the new Radiofeeds list using Settings > Radio Update

11th January 2023

This release for B2B fixes a problem with some (non BBC) HLS radio stations.

10th January 2023

This release is for B2B versions of B2.

BBC is introducing a new internet radio system called HLS and the old streams will terminate in 2023. Radiofeeds has augmented its list of 1000+ stations to support these new HLS stations. After the software upgrade you should use Settings->Radio Update to get the new list. You can then find the new stations using Find Stations.

The new BBC HLS system will give you access to higher quality music. I understand they use 320k AAC.

Thanks to Vincent at

2nd January 2023

This release is for B3

  1. Show scan disk progress on the display.
  2. Fix Format USB A function if USB stick is inserted at power on